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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Here are some of my lovelies that have made their way into our home via auctions and my love for old rusty things :)
 Above is a chick feeder- could be used for an indoor herb garden, spools of thread, ribbons- its lovely
 i have no idea what to use these for but they were in a dollar box
 i was thinking of making these into a rug runner for the back hallway but decided to try and sell them
 iron pulleys, was going to use these for lighting in the kitchen but Lee said no- i now agree- trying to sell them .. super neat either way!

 mail rack- going to use it in my craft room to hold and organize things; what things?- ANY THING
 these are amazing 1920's license plates- i wish so badly to know the stories behind them- how neat would it be to see the car it was on or the adventures the person driving took. so cool, we will be framing these and putting them in Lee's man basement.

my hay hooks- these will get the tips rounded off and spray painted and used as coat hooks in the entry way :) so excited!
Rusty junk has so many options for reuse and imaging the stories behind them is my absolute favorite part!

rust on!

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