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Monday, July 23, 2012


I saw this recipe on PINTREST and changed it to what we had at home :)

*2-3 chicken breasts (depending on how many your feeding and what size they are)
*easy cook rice
*1 taco seasoning packet
*1 can of tomatoes and green chillies
*shredded cheese- what ever kind you like
*sour cream
*onion is optional- I didn't use one but Lee would have liked it

-cook up the chicken and cut it into small pieces
-cook rice according to box directions
-mix the taco seasoning packet according to directions on package
-mix all ingredients
  chicken, rice, can of tomatoes and chillies, taco packet and shredded cheese
-heat all ingredients until cheese is melted
-serve in a bowl or in a tortilla if you need more filler for hungry boys like I did

Lee loves sour cream on taco stuff or anything remotely spicy so that was good for him to have

This was super easy and delish!!!!! plus its been great for left overs! - you can put this on a lettuce salad too for taco salad, or even on chips for nachos

served with corn and milk

rice on!

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