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Friday, July 27, 2012


It's family reunion time- we are excited to get together with my Mom's side of the family once again for family, food and fun- We were all asked to bring a recipe that is one of our family favorites and then the recipe of the dish we are sharing. I am going to take a BLT salad mostly because I need to use up some of the goodies that our garden is mass producing :)

*lettuce-from the garden
*tomatoes-from the garden
*shredded cheese
*cesar dressing
(you can put in onions from the garden too if you would like but I don't so :) I won't)

****don't mix ingredients together until you're ready to serve, you don't want things to get soggy****
-wash lettuce and tomatoes
-dry/spin the lettuce so its not soaked
-cut the tomatoes
-make sure the bacon is cooked all the way(we like the kind that you can microwave in 45 seconds and not stink the whole house up)
-Put all ingredients together, toss and serve

this is a very easy salad and extremely tasty :)

salad on!

Monday, July 23, 2012


I saw this recipe on PINTREST and changed it to what we had at home :)

*2-3 chicken breasts (depending on how many your feeding and what size they are)
*easy cook rice
*1 taco seasoning packet
*1 can of tomatoes and green chillies
*shredded cheese- what ever kind you like
*sour cream
*onion is optional- I didn't use one but Lee would have liked it

-cook up the chicken and cut it into small pieces
-cook rice according to box directions
-mix the taco seasoning packet according to directions on package
-mix all ingredients
  chicken, rice, can of tomatoes and chillies, taco packet and shredded cheese
-heat all ingredients until cheese is melted
-serve in a bowl or in a tortilla if you need more filler for hungry boys like I did

Lee loves sour cream on taco stuff or anything remotely spicy so that was good for him to have

This was super easy and delish!!!!! plus its been great for left overs! - you can put this on a lettuce salad too for taco salad, or even on chips for nachos

served with corn and milk

rice on!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Here is another way I used the won-tons today-

*won-ton wrappers like in the previous recipe
*sugar and lemon
*cool whip

-bake won-ton wrappers in the cupcake tin at 350 degrees for 8 minutes

-cut up strawberries put in a teaspoon of white sugar, and a squeeze of lemon juice

-scoop into the wonton cups

-put cool whip on top

we discovered that these won-ton cups are best used just to serve out of. Lee did eat his like he was eating a cupcake but it was messy- he said it was good though.

strawberry on!


here goes a total experiment on food that the worker boys get to test for me :) -
remember to adjust the amount of everything to the amount of people you are feeding- I will be feeding 3 with this

*won-ton wrappers- in the middle of the veggie department in Fareway- kind of a strange place
*1lb of hamburger or chicken breast
*1 packet of taco seasoning
*shredded cheese

-to form the wonton wrappers
  -you can either fry them in a little oil in a pan, or turn a cupcake pan upside down and bake the wrappers like hard shell tacos, you could also stuff the cupcake pan right side up and have the tacos be deep pockets, or stuff the meat and cheese in the raw wrapper and then bake them with meat and cheese inside all rolled up

- if you choose to fry or bake them empty before you stuff then do those steps and then stuff with cooked and seasoned meat and other sides as you wish

-if you choose to stuff then bake it may be harder to add other toppings but it wouldn't be impossible.

- I chose to  put the cupcake pan upside down and pre-bake the "taco shell" at 350 for 8 minutes -open so the guys can stuff them how they please :)

taco on!


Here are some of my lovelies that have made their way into our home via auctions and my love for old rusty things :)
 Above is a chick feeder- could be used for an indoor herb garden, spools of thread, ribbons- its lovely
 i have no idea what to use these for but they were in a dollar box
 i was thinking of making these into a rug runner for the back hallway but decided to try and sell them
 iron pulleys, was going to use these for lighting in the kitchen but Lee said no- i now agree- trying to sell them .. super neat either way!

 mail rack- going to use it in my craft room to hold and organize things; what things?- ANY THING
 these are amazing 1920's license plates- i wish so badly to know the stories behind them- how neat would it be to see the car it was on or the adventures the person driving took. so cool, we will be framing these and putting them in Lee's man basement.

my hay hooks- these will get the tips rounded off and spray painted and used as coat hooks in the entry way :) so excited!
Rusty junk has so many options for reuse and imaging the stories behind them is my absolute favorite part!

rust on!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Holy cow- our garden has taken off!!! we have now picked lettuce 4 times and gotten HUGE bowls full each time and we only picked small sections each time.

Green beans have been picked 4 times also and each time we have gotten a huge bowl full also.

The carrots are doing great- not ready to eat yet but getting close.

Onions are slooooooow, but that is to be expected because we planted seeds not sets.

The cabbage is a loss, we had bugs get to it- which stinks, but we also only planted it because we were curious.

Tomatoes are huge but only have had 3 cherry tomatoes turn red so far- so I'm guessing when they do start turning it will all be at once-woofda

cucumbers and butternut squash are growing like crazy but still have a ways to go- I think i need to water more tonight for sure!

Our volunteer broccoli was picked today, and it is amazing- who would have thought :)

here are some pictures of todays pick-remember it is only a fraction of what we have ready to be picked, looks like I'll have to spend a day freezing beans again :)

grow on!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Nothing is better than eating fresh out of the garden! here is how i prepared my green beans tonight

*green beans-stemed
*sea salt

-snap the ends off the beans
-rinse off dirt
-boil water
-toss the beans in
-check for tenderness every once in a while
-once done strain and rinse again with cold water
-place the beans in a tupperware that will hold them all(i do this so that when we are done eating them they are ready to store, don't need to use too many containers that means dishes for me. no thanks! )
-put a scoop of butter in the beans, salt and pepper to taste
-put lid on beans tight and shake up. this will melt the butter and mix everything up :)

we ate this with water and wonder roast

bean on!