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Friday, July 6, 2012


This recipe was from 4th of July lunch- I love this because it is light and cool and extremely easy!
tips-use the same jello and yogurt flavor, use regular not light cool whip, and let cool whip thaw before making

You can experiment with different flavors if you would like or food color them for fun events- we made them for easter one year and made them blue and pink like easter eggs- great for summer treats!

*1 graham cracker pie crust
*1box of jello (I prefer sugar free) peach
*1 regular container of fat free or low fat yogurt(the size you would pack in a lunch) peach
*1 container of cool whip- not the jumbo tub

-mix jello (do not make the jello- leave it as the powder, it will have more flavor and less gelatinous in texture- I'm a texture person so that bugs me), yogurt and cool whip into a big bowl
-stir until fluffy and incorporated
-pour into your graham cracker crust
-keep in fridge until ready to serve

pie on!

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