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Monday, July 16, 2012


Holy cow- our garden has taken off!!! we have now picked lettuce 4 times and gotten HUGE bowls full each time and we only picked small sections each time.

Green beans have been picked 4 times also and each time we have gotten a huge bowl full also.

The carrots are doing great- not ready to eat yet but getting close.

Onions are slooooooow, but that is to be expected because we planted seeds not sets.

The cabbage is a loss, we had bugs get to it- which stinks, but we also only planted it because we were curious.

Tomatoes are huge but only have had 3 cherry tomatoes turn red so far- so I'm guessing when they do start turning it will all be at once-woofda

cucumbers and butternut squash are growing like crazy but still have a ways to go- I think i need to water more tonight for sure!

Our volunteer broccoli was picked today, and it is amazing- who would have thought :)

here are some pictures of todays pick-remember it is only a fraction of what we have ready to be picked, looks like I'll have to spend a day freezing beans again :)

grow on!

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