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Friday, June 29, 2012


End of June 2012 Garden Update

here are pictures of the garden so far

 green beans
 our surprise broccoli- didn't plant this but we have it 

tomatoes, cucumbers and butternut squash

garden on!

Monday, June 25, 2012


Peanut Butter & Fritos- Yep you read it right- holy wow this is an addicting recipe so make only when you plan to take it somewhere so you can't eat it all yourself :)

*1 bag of fritos
*1C creamy peanut butter
*1 C Karo syrup (I use lite)
*1C white sugar (I use 1/3 C-works just the same)

-get a large cookie sheet or pan with a lid
-lay wax paper in the pan
-lay fritos out on the wax paper/pan and spread evenly
-In a pot mix the pb, syrup and sugar until all melted and smooth(be sure to stir the whole time so it doesn't cook too much)
- as soon as it is melted together and smooth pour over the fritos
-let cool

scarf down :)

PB&F on!

Friday, June 22, 2012


The story of Otis/Odie-

what a giant bear this dog has become!

He made it into our engagement pictures of course in his beloved pool- May 2011not a year old yet

We got Otis late December of 2010 from a family off of craigslist, yes he stole our hearts the first time Lee found him on there.
here he is when we picked him out. only 4 weeks old maybe, such a cuddle bug- his mom(yellow lab- had 10 babies- holy mamma-all survived and were adorable

Otis is a St.Bernard and Yellow Lab mix- and he's hilarious because he's black and white and a lap dog

Otis has a history of no knowing how large he is and that he actually has 4 paws that work - well they don't work together but they work. He is getting better with his coordination, but we love his ignorance of his size- makes him funny and even more lovable!

He quickly had us suckered into his quirks and we couldn't say no when he wanted to come in the house, especially in the winter. So we had plenty of fun playing tug of war and stealing my potatoes and boxes to drag around the house-
 Uh Oh- he likes dew like Lee
 Handsome boy
he is still obsessed with towels
Some where along the line Otis became obsessed with towels, gloves and brooms- WHO KNOWS why but its funny and if it keeps him busy then fine destroy 5 brooms(yep he has demolished 5 shop brooms, handles and all)
This was his favorite broom- he would growl at it and shake it dead

Otis grew so fast that we had to give him vitamins because his hair was falling out- whoops not enough in the food we were giving him- silly boy vitamins are expensive slow down :)- don't worry his hair came back and it is different than the rest which is funny- he reached 80 lbs before he was 1 and at 1 1/2 he is at least 110- its been a few months since the last vet visit-hello large lap doggie

As if I don't sound like the crazy dog lady yet don't worry I'll claim it by the end of this post :) 

Here he is sitting up and angry at his reflection- too cute! 
 The day we brought him home- so funny already
 Tired from the drive- had to nap- He still lays his paw like that when he's sniffing out the ground squirrels at home

The car ride home

Otis made it into our engagement pictures! the bottom picture i have his ball and well he LOVES HIS BALL- it squeaks and he will squeak it all day if you will play with him- LOVES IT! 

These are more recent pictures- May 2012,top one he is "sneaking"-when he crawls on his belly to you - with his ball, and the bottom one is him sitting waiting nicely for Lee to throw the ball
 Being nosey about the hole in the ground
 The wagon was kind of sketchy, but he needed to be with daddy- yes he knows the word daddy and hunts Lee down when I say it- and he will continue to circle the house, truck and yard until he finds him

 THIS DOG IS HILARIOUS- he LOVES drinking water from the well or hose, not the water dish we provide - we will say- are you thirsty and he will walk over and wait for us to turn it on, or do you need a drink?- I hope he stays smart and we can leave him out at some point when he's older.
He was mad about all the construction at the house the other day and barked ALL day I was told :) whoops, he just wants to see everything- Plus all those sketchy guys there- He definitely isn't a fan of new people and vehicles and will always let us know even if its just a bird that entered the yard-

Often he knocks us over because he's so excited so I'm not too concerned about him being able to take care of someone if they came in the yard and we didn't want them to be there- Loud bark and probably a big bite :) we haven't had to find out yet nor do we want to.
ok nutso dog lady title claimed :) he's a funny boy and has more character than we thought possible

dog on! 

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I love trying new recipes from people, this one is from one of my co-workers and it is delish!

Its a lemon cake but if you cook it in loaf pans you can serve it as bread- either way yummy!

*1 box lemon cake mix
*1box instant lemon pudding
*4 eggs
*1/3 C vegetable or Canola oil
*1 C boiling water

-preheat oven to 350
-mix all ingredients into a bowl
-mix for 4 minutes!
  that will make it extra soft

-bake in loaf pans or bunt pan like i used for 30 minutes- ish
  it will be a bit squishy (not gross squishy, but squishier than regular cake or bread)
-use a toothpick to poke the inside and see if it comes out clean- if it does- its done
- pull from oven and let set for a few minutes
-place pans upside down to get the cake/bread out and let cool

obviously not the healthiest but it is soooo fast and easy and good!

sprinkle powdered sugar on top if you are taking it somewhere to share or just cut up and inhale if you are keeping it at home :)

lemon on!


Tonight I am making something that is great for leftovers so the guys have something to eat while working

pan tacos is a super easy alternative to tacos- and since all the ingredients are all in one bowl you don't have to worry about putting them out to make one taco 

Remember I am making this for 2-4 people, if you want to make it for more just add more of the ingredients to stretch it, or put some side dishes with it

*tortillas (4-6) shredded up into small pieces - bite size
*1lb of hamburger or 3-4 boneless/skinless chicken breast
*1pkg of taco seasoning
*1/2 jar of black bean salsa (medium is my choice, because sometimes the heat cooks out)
*1 can or 1 baggie of frozen corn
*1 can of tomatoes and green chilies
*shredded cheddar cheese- as much as you would like :) 
*sour cream on the side if someone doesn't like it as spicy as you 

-brown hamburger/cook chicken in a large/deep skillet- drain! 
-add in packet of seasoning as you would normally if making tacos
-add in salsa, corn, tom/chilies
-bring to a simmer
-add in tortillas
-stir everything well
-add cheese on the top and heat until cheese is melty 

serve-with chips and your favorite fruit,

for an alternative leave out tortillas and add in velveeta for a dip

taco on! 

Monday, June 18, 2012


quick and easy pizza- a healthier option instead of all the dough, or incase you don't have any pizza crust.

*tortillas (what ever kind you like-whole wheat, basil tomato, or plain-each tortilla will be a pizza, so however many you want is how ever many you will need- we make 3 for 2 people)
*jar pizza sauce
*any toppings you want- we use fresh mozzarella, pepperoni or hamburger, onions, basil, garlic powder, spinach(on mine)

-on an un-greased pan place tortillas
-bake the tortillas for 5-10 minutes 350 (just to crisp them up so the sauce doesn't make them soggy)
-take out of oven and place ingredients on the pizzas
-put back in the oven, top rack and broil until the cheese is bubbly- watch carefully they will toast quickly

serve with apples and peanut butter, and maybe some sun chips

pizza on!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Salad dressing- I always thought this was something impossible to make-WRONGO

Tonight I thought. what would happen if i mixed light olive oil, lemon juice and pepper - voila- yumminess~

*basically i used store bought lemon juice- you can use fresh but I'm saving that for later in the week
*cracked black pepper
*extra virgin olive oil

-squeeze in the lemon juice- about 1/4-1/3 of a cup
-pour in pepper- roughly 1 Tbs- more to taste if you'd like
-drizzle in the olive oil while whisking quickly
 - add in olive oil until the dressing thickens

-tase throughout to make sure it taste ok- add more of any ingredients as needed- this is a rough  start, I'm sure it could use some changes but I'm not worried(I also did not measure anything while I made this, just poured things in so you don't really need to measure if you don't want to :)

dress on !

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yep you heard it meatloaf muffins-ok just meatloaf in a muffin tin- they cook so much faster and are fun with kids!  :) -

here is a meatloaf recipe- use your own if you'd like

*1 lb of hamburger
*seasonings (we use webers grill garlic seasonings, pepper, sea salt)
*1/2 cup of oatmeal
*1 egg
*ketchup-a couple squirts- as much as you prefer
*1/3 cup of milk (skim)
*onion if you choose

-make sure the hamburger is thawed out
-mix all ingredients in a bowl

-get out a muffin tin
-place mixture into the muffin tins
-chop up onion and place in the ones you wish to have them ( aka Lees half :)
-put more ketchup on top of the mini meat loafs
-I put bbq sauce on Lees

-Bake at 375 for 15-25 minutes or until done
-for fun put frenches onion crunches on top and broil for a few minutes

serve with butternut squash and milk

loaf on!

Monday, June 11, 2012


It's Monday and I didn't feel like making too much so here is what we decided on

Pepperoni Pizza dippers and oreo dessert

*crescent rolls- fridge kind, 1 pkg
*pepperoni, 1 pkg
*mozzarella cheese- 1 pkg (fresh preferred) -if not just use mozzarella sting cheese, 1/2 stick per dipper
*pizza or marinara sauce to dip in

-preheat oven to directions on the crescent rolls
-cut mozzarella
-open crescent rolls on a baking sheet
-place 3-4 slices of pepperoni into each dipper (more if you'd like)
-place 1 slice or 1/2 of cheese stick onto dipper
-roll up sealing edges if you can
-bake according to directions on the pkg of crescent rolls

heat sauce in the microwave for dipping

oreo dessert
*1 pkg of mini marshmallows
*1/2 stick of butter or margarine
*1 pkg of oreos

-crush oreos finely
-melt the butter and 6 cups of marshmallows in a sauce pan- be sure to stir most of the time so they don't burn
-once mixture is melted add in oreos and stir until all is incorporated
-flatten into a greased dish-ENJOY

you may want to use less marshmallows or more oreos- ours turned out kind of interesting but its still fun and sticky and a good batch of sugar for the day

served with milk, and caprese salad (mozzarella, basil, tomatoes and balsamic vinager)

monday on!

Sunday, June 10, 2012


For a change up in a bowl ice-cream - just add a spoonful of peanut butter :) super easy way to mix things up-

treat on!

Friday, June 8, 2012


Holy carb central- don't plan on this being low fat or anything - this is what we called in our house a "treat" yes I will be working in my garden, running and biking this weekend for this meal!

this recipe is from my Aunt and she brings it to most family functions because we LOVE it !

edit the recipe for how many people you are feeding

*2 cups of elbow macaroni-uncooked
*Calls for 2 sticks of butter- I used 1 stick of butter and 1/4 stick of margarine
*2 cans of cream of corn
*2 cans of whole corn- drained
*Calls for 1/2 block of velveeta- you can use less if you decide to do so

-stir all ingredients into crock pot
-set on high for two hours
   stir occasionally


Serve with a treadmill :)  just kidding- we had peaches and a lettuce salad-

carb on !


Lee and I got invited to our friends house in January and I wasn't sure what to bring so I found this recipe of cheese cake stuffed strawberries- this turned out DELISH and SUPER EASY!

*2 packages of strawberries
*1 box of cheesecake mix :)   I got the kind that has the graham crackers already crushed up and in the pkg

-make the cheese cake filling as directed on the box (use skim milk)
-let the mix chill in the fridge for a couple hours and set up
-set the graham cracker crust aside- don't actually make the crust- you will use it later
while the filling is in the fridge
-wash strawberries
(i used a 1/8 tsp measuring spoon for this next part because I had nothing else and it seemed like it would do the job
-take scooper ^ and scoop out the stem and part of the insides of the strawberries- be careful to not get too crazy with it because it will puncture the sides or the bottom- in that case just eat the strawberry and move on :)
- pat all strawberries dry with a paper towel so they don't get soggy and gross

get filling from the fridge
-get a big baggie and put filling in it down toward one end
-cut the end corner of the baggie
-squeeze the filling from the bagging into the strawberries

we had a heck of a time getting them to stand up and stay nice so we used a relish tray- you can also use smaller tupperwares so they sit snug against each other

once all the strawberries are filled sprinkle the graham cracker crust mix on top of them

keep refrigerated until ready to eat

served with WINE- a lot of WINE :)
or on a summer day for dessert or a snack thats not bad for you

stuff on!


These were  a shot in the dark that I modified to make it work for us- they turned out AMAZING!!!!!!!

*chicken breast-i used 3 small to medium ones- adjust for amount of people feeding
*tortillas (the thinner the better) as many as you need to feed people- I was full on one taquito
*cream cheese- 1 block
*buffalo chicken sauce
*sour cream-on the side for those who think they're too hot
*onion if you'd like- I only used it in Lee's 
--we are cheese lovers so more shredded cheese of your choice if you feel necessary is totally acceptable :)

- thaw chicken breast in microwave enough to cut up
-cut into thin strips to cook faster
-put some water in the pan
-put in raw chicken
-cook until done and juices are clear

in a separate pot
-heat cream cheese
-buffalo chicken sauce- to taste-

drain chicken and add to the sauce in the pan. mixture shouldn't be very runny

-spray PAM on a cookie sheet
-lay tortillas out
-spread the chicken/buffalo dip mixture on the tortillas
    remember you will want to tuck the ends in and roll them up so don't over stuff- or do and just use a          fork

-place onions in the ones you wish to have them
-place shredded cheese in at this point if you wish to use it
-tuck both ends in and roll tight
-make sure to have the flap side down so when they cook they don't fall open

- I put them on the top rack and broiled them until they turned brown
  you could probably bake them regularly but I had to be tractor side quickly so he could eat and run

use sour cream on the side for dipping

Served with MILK of course and pineapple 

left over sauce can be used as dip with chips or in a taco soup or even frozen for another day

bake on! 


Auctions auctions auctions- ooo how I love auctions- this started as a fun thing to do and people watch, now we (mostly I) like to go to get things for the house. Usually its stuff I love and Lee calls JUNK-that's ok I like my junk- it always has a story and some history we will never know but we will always be able to add our own history to it and pass it down or sell it to someone to make their own history to it.

there are at least 30 things in our house that are amazing that we have gotten from auctions- my sister says i get a very serious look when I'm bidding- heck yes I do I want that thing what ever it may be - a rusty license plate from the 20's in Iowa, a large mail floor scale in amazing condition, or a wooden box that says HONEY on it that now holds our laundry stuff :)

One of my favorite pieces I got at an auction is a vase that we used at the wedding- its a pale sea foam green and I found out that its worth like 75 bucks- I bought it in a box of miscellaneous stuff for maybe 5 dollars- HELLO AWESOME! It's that history of being in a wedding or at a farm house picnic table that thevase has seen that adds so much fun to finding these treasures and the adventure of bidding for items.

Some auctions i go just to watch people- yes I'm very guilty of people watching and thinking wow they are taking that shit home- (I'm sure they think that when i buy stuff too :)  ) then the thought of -someone some day is going to have to clean this shit from my house and sell it like this- comes through my mind and I stop buying so much, for a little while any ways.

I am planning on going to an auction at the end of June hoping to get some things i can re-do and sell, something to keep me busy in July while Lee is playing construction worker on the house.

I will post pictures of the buys and the progress later-until then

bid on!


Found this table in the basement and wanted to use it in the guest room/baby room(at some point)
so I decided to take a leap and spray paint it gold hahah yep GOLD!

-wiped the table down with a damp cloth and cleaned it up
-should have sanded it but didn't :)
-sprayed it gold
-let dry for a couple days
-randomly sanded it throughout with sand paper to rough it up a little

final product - not too bad just looks funky with the rust carpet and the bed still in there, still love it though

spray on!


Here is the B lee helped me frame

-found a frame that matched one that Lee had previously made for a different picture
-took out the glass
-I bought a very inexpensive letter at a hobby store
-painted it with left over paint
-we used burlap fabric type stuff to cover the back of the frame with hot glue
-used hot glue to secure the B to the burlap
-put a lot of pressure and hot glue to make sure it stuck to the burlap

finished product is perfect!

frame on! 


Lee's sister made this for me after I fell for the one his other sister had

she used an old book and rolled the pages up and stapled them to a wreath base- I'm not sure on exact directions but it is amazing and I love it having on my old huge window.

read on!


American Gothic has always been a picture that I loved-

While at an auction this picture was for sale- granted its a poster not the real thing and was super inexpensive so I was excited- but it came in a gaudy gaudy frame, so Lee being the best handyman made me a frame from barn wood we found.

here is the finished product.
ignore the wood paneling :)
farm on!


We moved to the new house November, 2011 and I had no where to put my jewelry, so Handy Lee and his side kick Scrounger wife found some old molding and put all types of screws, nails and hooks into it so I could have somewhere to put my jewelry.

it turned out amazing!

organize on!


I received a rocking chair from Lee's Aunt and needed to recover the seat- easy peasy- Lee's sister suggested that I use a table cloth as the new fabric because it's easy to wipe off if something spills and plus its strong.

things you will need-

-had staple gun
-table cloth or fabric that's durable


-take the seat cushion out of the chair
-lay fabric face down
-place cushion seat down
-make sure the seat can be covered with the fabric you have (pull all the sides up to make sure you can staple it into the wooden base)
-pull the fabric tight on one side, and put one staple in

-pull opposite side tight and make sure the face side is smooth
-staple that opposite side tight

- now repeat for the other two sides
-you will have excess fabric so cut it off. it doesn't have to be pretty on the bottom, just tight and secure
- the rest will need to be secured so fold in your corners like you are wrapping a christmas present and staple those down. make sure all your edges are smooth before you go staple crazy :)

-place the cushion back into the chair-enjoy!

I used this method for a rocking chair and for a phone desk.

Another great use for old sheets of fabric is to cover your closet shelves- I found that our shelves in this house were made of particle board- not easy to clean and it snagged all the stuff I put on it. So, once again the hand stapler came out. I cut up an old sheet that we liked but it didn't fit any beds and used that for the hall closets and the bedroom closets- same method as the chairs but less pretty :)


staple on!