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Friday, July 27, 2012


It's family reunion time- we are excited to get together with my Mom's side of the family once again for family, food and fun- We were all asked to bring a recipe that is one of our family favorites and then the recipe of the dish we are sharing. I am going to take a BLT salad mostly because I need to use up some of the goodies that our garden is mass producing :)

*lettuce-from the garden
*tomatoes-from the garden
*shredded cheese
*cesar dressing
(you can put in onions from the garden too if you would like but I don't so :) I won't)

****don't mix ingredients together until you're ready to serve, you don't want things to get soggy****
-wash lettuce and tomatoes
-dry/spin the lettuce so its not soaked
-cut the tomatoes
-make sure the bacon is cooked all the way(we like the kind that you can microwave in 45 seconds and not stink the whole house up)
-Put all ingredients together, toss and serve

this is a very easy salad and extremely tasty :)

salad on!

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