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Sunday, July 8, 2012


Sorry I haven't posted much lately, we have been kicking butt on the house addition/renovation-Here is one of my work outs I like to do either daily or every other day- I do modify it so I'm not doing the same thing every day. Lee recently got me a new bike so I'M IN LOVE with it!

There is an amazing bike trail into the nearest town to us which is 41/2-5 miles each way

I start by stretching and making sure my IPOD has enough battery to push me through :)

at every bench or road crossing I like to stop and do some sort of plyo. There are about 8 stops that I encounter each way.

Stop 1
25 calf raises with both legs
25 left leg
25 right leg

stop 2
15 triceps dips on the bench
10 pushups on the bench

stop 3
15 leg swings-do each leg ( stand on one leg and swing the other out its side)
get a drink

stop 4
25 crunches
25 mountain climbers

stop 5
25 RDLs-(legs a little closer than shoulder width apart, keep back stiff, knees slightly bent, and bend at the waist until you touch your toes stand back up)

stop 6
stretch and get a drink

stop 7
10 pushups
25 crunches

stop 8
25 calf raises
25 leg swings (25 per leg)

on the way back from town maybe stop at only the benches or mile markers or split it up and do every other both ways so you aren't stopping as often.

remember to keep hydrated and only go as much as your body says to-

bike on!

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